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happy new year 2015

happy new year 2015
happy new year 2015

How are you doing? I had a wonderful year with plenty of interesting works, trying to make the web more simple and human in many sense.

Beside, I had the chance to travel to the End of the End of the world, to the small island of Jaques Brel and Paul Gaugin called Hiva Oa in French Polynesia, a dream I had since my childhood finally became reality.

everybody around the world a happy and successful new year!
from an European in Tokyo

2015 new year’s day


そんな中、世界の果てから果てまで旅する機会もあったのです! ジャック・ブレルとゴーギャンの島、フランス領ポリネシアのヒヴァオア島へ、と。それは子供時代からの僕の夢で、ついに実現させてしまった! 



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